Centennial Beach Phase 1

The power of the existing landscape is the inspiration for this minimalist concept. The proposed design amplifies the unique views, strengthens the access, and introduces the user to the unique characteristics of the Centennial Beach landscape. The boardwalk establishes a clearly defined boundary between the natural and the man made landscapes. Following the orientation of the new Concession and Washroom building, it leads the park users to the beach and provides a forecourt to the building. The materials and forms were inspired by the landscape. When the visitors arrive on the entrance plaza they are introduced to the dance of waves in the form of a banded paving pattern. Salvaged beach logs will be cut lengthwise to create sitting benches. The perpendicular line of the paving and benches reinforce the vocabulary of the main building and suggest a slower pace to the visitor moving through the space. The project has implemented a range of ecological strategies, using native plants, reusing existing elements and managing site rainwater.


Delta, B.C.



Project Date