Mason Lam

Landscape Designer

Born and raised in Vancouver, Mason is inspired by a city that maintains such an intimate relationship with nature. He loves to engage an audience and tell a story using living organisms, especially plants. After working in aquarium design for a number of years, he decided to pursue something more public and more terrestrial: landscape architecture.

Mason joined eta in 2019 while completing his Master’s in Landscape Architecture at UBC.

After finishing his degree, he has continued to apply his passion for storytelling and knowledge of plants toward numerous high density residential development projects in the lower mainland.

In his spare time, Mason enjoys baking, fishing, bouldering, and curling up with a video game or horror movie on a rainy day. With a large collection of houseplants, he voraciously consumes any knowledge he can find about plants.

Bachelor of Science (Honours) – BSc (Hons) – Biology – Queen’s University
Master of Landscape Arachitecture (Honours) – MLA (Hons) – UBC