Matt Gray

Senior Landscape Designer / Associate

Growing up, Matt aspired to be an architect or golf course architect. It wasn’t until Matt was enrolled in the environmental design program at the University of Manitoba where he discovered his passion in landscape architecture and urban design. Matt is particularly captivated by how this profession involves systems that are constantly evolving and adapting and how, “the environment we are working in is never stationary, so we get to think about how something will function in 3 years and in 30 years”. 

Matt has been a central member of the design and production team since joining eta in 2014.  He has added a strong passion for detailing and project management to his urban design and planning background. As with all team members, he manages all phases of his projects with a commitment to providing a comprehensive service to clients and a final product of the highest quality with an eye on budget and timelines.

Matt’s weekends revolve around landscapes; you can find him exploring the British Columbia back country through hiking and camping, as well as the occasional round of golf. 

Academic/ Professional
Bachelor of Environment Design, University of Manitoba
Masters in Landscape Architecture, University of BC