Shaun Smakal

Senior Landscape Architect / Associate

Shaun had originally planned on pursuing a career in Industrial Design, but in his 3rd year of undergrad at the University of Michigan where he obtained his B.Sc. in Resource Planning, he enrolled in Will Marsh’s  “Cultural Landscapes” course that would forever change his career path. From that point on, Shaun decided he was going to be a Landscape Architect. In 2002, he followed Will to UBC and moved to Vancouver, which was a fascinating contrast from Flint, MI. He then moved to BC and enrolled in UBC where he graduated with his Masters in Landscape Architecture. 

Shaun joined eta in 2017 and brings a design sense that is both sensitive and well thought out. He is capable of managing projects both large and small and is currently handling some of the office’s largest and most involved jobs.

As of May 2022, Shaun and his family moved from Vancouver to Crofton on Vancouver Island.  He gives eta an island presence while managing a full portfolio in the Lower Mainland.

In his downtime, Shaun enjoys hiking, camping and traveling as much as possible. He can also be found exploring the neighbourhood, hosting board game/cocktail nights with his wife and young son, or indulging his pop culture/sci-fi cravings with books, video games, or Netflix.

Academic/ Professional
Masters of Landscape Architecture, University of British Columbia
B.Sc. Resource Planning, University of Flint Michigan
BCSLA P&PR Committee 2016