Seylynn Village


Client: Denna Homes
Project Type: Multi Phase Mixed Use Residential Neighbourhood
Location: North Vancouver, BC

Located at the north end of the Second Narrows Bridge, Seylynn Village is the central sub neighbourhood for Lower Lynn Town Centre. This 7 phase project consisting of 6 residential towers, a community building and two market rental buildings with childcare and public open space includes internal roadways hard and soft amenity areas and water features over underground parking. 

The unifying design narrative is based on the attributes and character of the North Shore and references the mountains, trails, and meadows that define the North Shore as well as the rich industrial and aboriginal histories that have left their mark on the landscape.

An overall paving system establishes a unifying ground plane and reinforces the overall geometry for the site plan. 

BC Landscape Standards, a focus on drought tolerant plantings and LEED guidelines to achieve sustainable landscapes have been utilized throughout the project process.